What is Rubberduck?

Rubberduck is an open-source COM add-in that enhances the VBA Editor, the glorious VBE… which was last updated well over 20 years ago. We are working around the rather limited VBIDE Extensibility API, and one way or another, we’ll bring the VBE into this century.

From refactoring tools to code inspections, from the member-level Code Explorer and its ability to organize modules into folders, to the ability to quickly locate and navigate to literally anything that has a name, or the 64-bit compatible Smart Indenter port, or, or, or… Rubberduck’s scope is huge – and that’s only a part of what makes this project so awesome: this duck is ambitious, and there’s work for everyone, at every skill level.


This blog contains articles about feature announcements, information about upcoming releases, but also detailed tutorials on various VBA topics – often geared towards promoting clean, testable, object-oriented code.

Rubberduck finds its roots in Code Review Stack Exchange after all.