Code Explorer – does it replace the VBE’s Project Explorer?

Version 1.21 will feature a Code Explorer getting closer to where we envision it:

Just like the Project Explorer we can now toggle folders on and off, and components are sorted alphabetically. We can add standard and class modules, even test modules, open the designer when a form is selected – we can even run all tests from there if we want.

The Code Explorer is a bit of an hybrid between the VBE’s Project Explorer and Object Browser windows – we see all the members of every module, and we can double-click navigate anywhere.

We’re planning to implement a number of refactorings in 1.3, and some of them are going to be available from the Code Explorer‘s context menu. 1.3 will also integrate GitHub source control, and the Code Explorer‘s context menu will be usable to commit or undo changes to a specific file – importing and exporting files is also going to be in that menu by then.

What else would you use the Code Explorer for? Does the Code Explorer replace the VBE’s Project Explorer for you?


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