VBA and Git the Sequel: This Time it’s Integrated

There’s some information about the new beta Source Control Integration feature over at my blog.

Christopher J. McClellan

I’ve talked before about using Git with VBA and also about the importance of using source control and other tools for our work. Truthfully though, using source control with VBA is still hard. This is mostly because getting the code modules into and out of the VB Project is hard, and harder to do right. Well, you may have heard that there’s a new duck in town. It’s taken me about 6 months of spare time, but Rubberduck v1.4 not only has a source control COM library that you can use right in VBA to work with Git VBA repositories, but you can also now branch, commit, pull, push, and merge right from inside of the editor.

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Version 1.22 – Hotfix

There was an issue with some of the features when a password protected VBA Project was loaded. This caused several of the tool window, most notably the Test Explorer, to fail to open. As many of the more popular add-ins are password protected, this was a pretty big problem.

This has been corrected and the 32bit installer is available now. This post will be updated when the 64bit installer is available.

Download the latest version here.

Trouble with 64 bit Versions of Office

Today has been… surreal. Just surreal. It seems Rubberduck has reached the other side of the globe.

Or, as translated by Google.

Outrageous things had been dropped on Twitter timeline. In of one of such VBA has stopped when from the early 1990s development environment VBE (Visual Basic Editor), modern integrated development environment (IDE) seems crazy add-in to add a parallel features have appeared. Very incarnation of madness and flew down to modern times, also the name Rubberduck.

Just as I was starting to get excited though, I realized we had a problem with 64 bit versions of Office.

But, in the hand of the environment (Windows8.1 + Office2013 (64bit)), even if you install the add-in Rubberduck was not recognized from the VBE

I think I know what’s causing the issue, but I don’t have a 64 bit version of Office to test on. Which is problematic to say the least. However, one of the followers of our repo seems to be stepping up to test a theory, so hopefully we can get this corrected soon. I’d like to see a really glowing review out of @igeta in the new future.

Version 1.2 is here!

I’m really excited to announce this, so I’ll get to the point…

Version 1.2 just released!

The most visible change is all of the new Code Inspections. There were only a handful of them in Version 1.1, but now Rubberduck is finding all kinds of issues with VBA code. Everything from obsolete syntax to unused variables. It’s really very cool.

The other very visible change is the addition of an Extract Method refactoring tool. Highlight some code, and extract it into its own method. Awesome. This one is very much like the static code analysis was in the last version, just a glimpse at the great things to come.

There were also a lot of improvements under the hood. We entirely swapped out the parser that allows us to do much of what we’ve done. Along with that, we’ve fixed a verifiable crap ton of bugs and UX problems. I’m really proud of this release.

So, what are you waiting for? Check it out for yourself. It’s free, so you’ve nothing to lose but all that bad code.